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A motorhome holiday guide to The Black Forest | Part 1

The Black Forest is one of the most popular motorhome holiday destinations in Europe. It’s one of our favourites and we have been many times. As it’s now summertime and many of you are probably planning your routes and itineraries for your last minute summer trips, we thought we’d write a list of all the places you should go and see in The Black Forest in South-West Germany.

The Black Forest is well-known for being a beautiful, fairy-tale like area full of little towns and villages, lakes, natural hot springs, and great views. The Forest actually got its name from the 100 mile stretch of trees that are so dense the sun doesn’t even reach the floor (bit spooky isn’t it!).

people walking in the black forest

So, where should you take your motorhome?

black forest destinations


Our first motorhome destination recommendation is Baden-Baden, the spa town. If you want a little bit of luxury on your trip then this is the place to be. Even if you’re not that into spas, the beautiful architecture makes this one of the prettiest towns in the region. Plus, if you want your cultural fix of the holiday, museums etc., then this place should also be on your list. It’s a little generic to include this on our top places to go in the Black Forest, but sometimes you’ve got to include the tourist hot-spots because they really are that good.


This small town is one of the Black Forest’s prettiest towns. Its streets are lined with beautiful little houses half-timbered houses and the town is surrounded by nature. There’s lots to do in this town including various hikes and museums to enjoy and is definitely worth a visit. Plus, it’s home to Hermann Hesse the famous German novelist, poet, and painter.


Freiburg is one of the bigger cities in the area and is home to a big university, so there’s a good night scene around. It’s worth visiting this place if you want a bit more of a city vibe for a few days, which is sometimes welcomed in the middle of a long trip. The bars and restaurants here are known to be pretty lively so it’s worth checking out.


Another university town that’s worth visiting just north of the Black Forest is Heidelberg. With a similar lively atmosphere to Freiburg, Heidelberg is, arguably, more picturesque and also worth a visit if you’re looking for a city to go to.

Titisee Lake

Titisee Lake is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest, making it a pretty popular place to go. The lake is a prime spot for swimming, windsurfing, and sailing so if you’re looking for something active to do, it’s a great place to go and spend a few days, especially if you’re on a family holiday. Not only is it great for watersports but there’s also a lovely 5-mile trail around the outside of the lake which is home to some fantastic views, great for a stroll and a picnic.

Lake Feldsee

lake feldsee map

Another lake in the Black Forest that’s worth a visit with your motorhome is Lake Feldsee. Located an hours walk away from the nearest carpark (the nearest town is called Feldberg), this really is a hidden gem of the forest. If you’re up for a good walk, it’s a great day out and a really magical place to go and visit. The lake is a whopping 32 metres deep and the untouched forest surrounding the lake makes it extremely peaceful and if not a little creepy.

Triberg Falls

If water is your thing, you might want to visit the Triberg Falls. These Falls are the highest waterfalls in Germany and are really quite magical. Plus, Triberg Falls is just outside the fascinating town of Triberg, home to the largest cuckoo clock in the world (it’s the size of a house!). For centuries, the forest has been used to build cuckoo clocks, and even now Triberg is full of places to buy these traditional clocks. It’s quite a quaint little place to go and see but do be aware that it is extremely touristy.

Kinzig and Gutach Valley

kinzig and gutach map

If you’re looking for some slightly less, but equally as quaint, places to go and explore in your motorhome, you won’t want to miss out on the Kinzig and Gutach valleys. These two valleys are situated adjacent to one another and are full of beautiful little town and villages to go and explore. Driving around these valleys feels like something out of a story book and its worth going for an explore and seeing what you can find. The River Gutach is responsible for the Gutach Valley and is very famous for its Bollenhut. The Bollenhut is part of the traditional folk costume in the area. It is a black hat with red pompoms that is traditionally worn by women in the area – and reproduced now for tourism!

Our next blog will tell you everything you need to know about driving in the area and more about what to see and do!

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