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A motorhome holiday guide to The Black Forest | Part 2

In part one of our motorohome holiday guide to The Black Forest, we gave you the low down on where to go and visit on your road trip. But now you've got a few pins in the map to explore, you'll also need to know what route to take.

the black forest

Badische Weinstrasse

The Badische Weinstrasse is a 160km long route at the foot hills of the forest, from Baden-Baden to Freiburg, purpose built to take you from one edge of the forest to another. It’s a great alternative to big motorways and gets you easily from A to B with a few views and things to see along the way. Full of castle ruins, vineyards, and local wines to try (sorry to the designated driver), it’s by no means a boring route and is one of the reasons why the Black Forest is one of our favourite motorhome holiday destinations.


The Schwarzwaldhockstrasse is an even more scenic route through the forest itself stretching from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt. In fact, it is one of the oldest and best known routes to take in Germany. When the weather is clear, the views on this fantastic road are really something else. This route is roughly 60km long but is worth spreading out and planning in a few picnics and hikes along the way at some of the viewpoints to see.

Other things to do and see

Whilst the incredible views and lakes lends the holiday to hiking and watersports there are some other things you might want to when you’re away in the Black Forest.

German clock museum

The German clock museum is situated in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald and is dedicated to depicting the history of time making. It’s a pretty cool thing to learn about is central to the history of the area so might be worth planning for a rainy day.

Local delicacies

It wouldn’t be a holiday with some good food. One of the local delicacies to try is white asparagus from Baldersbronn. If you fancy a bit of a treat, Baldersbronn is an incredible place, with a population of only 16,000 it is home to 8 Michelin stared restaurants! If you’re a bit tired of cooking in the motorhome, this place is worth a little visit. You’ve also got to try the Black Forest Gateau obviously. But, did you know, that the famous cake is named after the liquer used called Schwarzwalder Kirsch(wasser) which is distilled from tart cherries. So, you might want to try that instead!

Alpirsbach brewery town

If you’ve gone to Germany for the beer we would also recommend stopping in the brewery town of Alpirsbach for a tour and a tasting.

Hopefully you've got enough inspo and information for the ultimate motorhome holiday in The Black Forest now.

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