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The ultimate motorhome packing list

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

If it’s your first motorhome holiday, you might be wondering what you should be taking and what you should be leaving behind. Like a camping holiday, there are certain little things that you can bring along to make your life a lot easier. So, we’ve compiled the ultimate motorhome packing list for you and your next motorhome holiday.

The kitchen

One of the best things about a motorhome holiday is that you have a kitchen to cook in (yay!). But, obviously the kitchen is nowhere near the same size as one you’d have at home so you want to be more selective about what you buy and take with you.

  • Cooking spray. This is much easier than a big bottle and easier to store as well so we’d recommend investing in one for your trip if you plan on using the hob a lot.

  • Tin foil. A lot of dishes that we recommend cooking in your motorhome involve wrapping some food up in foil and putting it in the oven. This saves a lot of mess and cleaning up with the limited water supply you have so tin toil is a must-have in our opinion.

  • Bottles of drinking water. You probably want to make sure you’ve always got some drinking water on hand and these are easy to store.

  • Something easy to prepare on the first night. We always take a nice and easy dish to prepare on the first night so we can relax straight into our holiday. Take a look at our cooking in a motorhome blog for some suggestions.

The technical stuff

It’s great to have access to electricity whilst on a motorhome holiday and is one of the luxuries you get that you don’t with a camping holiday. However, unless you’re going to visit a campsite every night, you might want to look into adding some these options to your packing list.

  • A portable charger. This can be really useful to charge your phone when you’re away from an electrical hook up point.

  • An extension lead. If you’re hooked up to electricity for the night, you might to make the most of it and charge multiple items at once but this can be difficult with the limited sockets you have.

  • app. This one isn’t about charging devices but using them! This app is really great because you can download maps and use them when you’re out and about, so you’ll never get lost even if you don’t have internet (unless your phone dies of course but that’s why you’ve packed your portable charger).

The practical stuff

There’s a few items that we find really useful for our motorhome holidays generally. Without a few motorhome experiences under your belt it’s hard to know what might be useful to you

  • Packing cubes. First up is packing cubes. You might be wondering why you would need packing cubes in a motorhome but they make storing your clothes much easier and unpacking so much more straight forward. They will easily fit into the cupboards and drawers and can help keep things clean and tidy in the motorhome.

  • Ear plugs. Sometimes, you might park up your motorhome somewhere that’s a little noisy in the mornings or at night, and depending on your plans the next day it might be important to get a good nights sleep. Whilst you can pick campsites carefully it’s always good to pack some ear plugs just in case.

  • Shoes to wear inside the motorhome only. If you bring some slippers or something similar, it can be much easier to keep the motorhome clean. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll have to start sweeping the floor if you keep your shoes on inside the motorhome.

  • A torch. This is really useful for many reasons. It’s important to always have a torch with you. Make sure you bring spare batteries or invest in a solar or wind up torch.

  • A rug with waterproof backing. This is great for sitting outside in the morning if the grass is a little damp for example and means you don’t have to worry about drying the rug should it get a little wet.

  • First aid kit. This is just a sensible thing to have with you on the road and we would recommend bringing one.

  • Insect repellent. When you’re on a motorhome holiday you’re likely to be out and about a lot and so it can be really important to avoid those bites as much as possible. We never go in our motorhome without insect repellent.

The other stuff

Sometimes, more obvious things can be forgotten on holiday and we think the following items are essential not to forget on a motorhome holiday.

  • Warm clothes. Even if you’re going somewhere hot, remember that it can always get chilly in the evenings and you are likely to be spending a lot of time outdoors.

  • Bedding. You don’t want to forget that for a week away! We do supply lovely clean mattress protectors and bottom sheets in our motorhomes but we find that our customers like to bring their own quilts and pillows

  • Towels. Don't forget your fluffy towel too. There's only so much you can dry with a tea-towel!

  • Playing cards. This is a great way to entertain the whole family on holiday and is particularly useful to bring on a motorhome holiday because they take up next to no space and can be used for so many different games.

If you’re going abroad

If you’re off abroad in the motorhome then you might need to pack some extra things. We will write about this in more detail but for now it’s important to remember the following things.

  • Your pet passport. If you’re taking the dogs don’t forget this! You won’t be allowed into the country if you haven’t got this. You can read all about taking the dogs on a motorhome holiday here.

  • Headlight deflectors. This is the same if you’re driving abroad, you don’t want to forget them or you won’t be able to drive at night.

  • Plug adapter. Whilst the plugs in your motorhome will be British, you might want to plug something in when you’re out and about so it’s useful to have an adapter.

Feel free to print out this packing list to help you pack with your motorhome holiday (we’ve included all the standard stuff on there too that you’d need for any trip away).

motorhome packing list

Do get in touch with us if you’re a bit unsure about what you need and check out what’s included in our motorhomes for hire if you’re unsure.

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